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ELEMENTALIST Screenshot Paintovers

ELEMENTALIST is a VR game for HTC Vive developed by Rush Digital
It is a first person shooter, and if we get more funding this is how it is going to look like!

"In a forgotten time, on a forgotten world, you are the last of the universe architects: an Elementalist.
Born of chaos, the Elementalists created balance and equanimity in a young universe still yet defining itself. Through the millennia your race has sought and manipulated the elements born from the chaos, using them to manipulate the universe and enlighten the younger races as they grow.
But time is the enemy of all. As the universe ages, the elemental sources grow scarce and with it, the universal balance begins to wane. The elementals you have strived to keep in balance become hostile, in their own struggle for survival."

Check it out here!

Maryna babych elementalist title

The main screen

Maryna babych elementalist golem

The golem is part of the boss fight

Maryna babych elementalist thief

The drones also attempt stealing your source of power - or ELEMENT

Maryna babych elementalist underfire

And lastly - the shield at work!